CSUN Millennium Scholarship Resolution Petition

Petition to urge members of the NSHE Board of Regents to support and affirm any legislation related to the increase of maximum credits funded by the Governor Guinn Millennium Scholarship from 12 credits to 15 credits.


Think you can run a student body? Be part of the next Executive Board for the Undergraduate Student Government here at UNLV. Applications for the student body are now open!

2015 Executive Board Election Packet
2015 CSUN Executive Board Election Rules
Executive Board Candidate Expenditure Form
Deadline for filing is on February 24, 2015 at 5PM on the 3rd Floor of the Student Union, Room 313.

CSUN Rebel Road Trip 2015 UNLV vs SJSU

Represent the UNLV Rebellion in San Jose, CA for the UNLV Runnin’ Rebels
vs. SJSU Spartans. This is the final regular season basketball game of the year
and we need every Rebel fan we can get to join us.


Camp CSUN is open to all high school Juniors and Seniors looking to gain leadership experience, networking ideas, internship/job opportunities with UNLV CSUN and potential scholarship awards. As a member of Camp CSUN, you will be matched to a current Senator or Executive Board official to follow around over two days to learn about college readiness, undergraduate student government, Greek life, RSO development and anything regarding the University! Oh, and did we forget to mention, free admission to our all-day concert Rebel Palooza?