CSUN Directors

Directors and assistant directors are a part of the Executive branch. There are currently five Directors in CSUN, each with their own Assistant Directors. These positions are nominated by the Executive Board and approved by the Senate. Their terms end with the Executive Board on April 30th.


Academic Director


Academic Affairs creates and administers workshops and organizes resources for academic and professional enrichment which strengthen campus academics. These workshops and resources include, but are not limited to; resume building, textbook reserve, test preparation, research enrichment, tutoring, publications, internship/externship opportunities and bringing people to speak on campus. Academic Affairs, being the newest directorship in CSUN is still developing new programs and resources for our undergraduates.



Campus Life

Dakota Fischer



Communication Director

Krystal Madrid

The Communication Department is a brand new department in CSUN which is a fusion of the Student Outreach and Marketing Department. Student Outreach is the direct link between CSUN and hundreds of UNLV student organizations. This is an invaluable resource for those who need help bringing their organizations to the next level. Whether applying for funding or looking for assistance with events, marketing, or graphic design, student organizations should begin here. Marketing is responsible for the marketing and advertising of all CSUN programs, services, and events to the student body and campus community, as well as supervising the CSUN Street Team and running the CSUN Marketing Table, which can be found on campus daily. This department also looks for ways to market CSUN to students in the form of fun and innovative ways with any number of cool giveaways. Our goals for this year’s UNLV CSUN are to be more involved with the campus community, as well as collaborating and assisting other student organizations. We want the student body to be more aware of the exciting events that are going on campus.


Creative Design

Kenneth Clemente

The Creative Design Department is the backbone of UNLV CSUN. Split into two halves, Assistant and Associate Directors specialize in Graphic Design or Computer Science. In this department, we work towards supporting CSUN through website management, various media designs, and aiding in the development of advertising towards the other departments. The Creative Design Director works closely with the Executive Board in order to guarantee the highest quality of materials are being developed and used at UNLV CSUN.



Patrick Alejaga

The elections board is responsible for maintaining all student body elections including those for the Senate, the Executive Board, the Homecoming Royalty Court, and any other elections needed throughout the year. The department also implements any policies from CSUN.


Nevada Student Affairs