CSUN Directors

Directors and assistant directors are a part of the Executive branch. There are currently five Directors in CSUN, each with their own Assistant Directors. These positions are nominated by the Executive Board and approved by the Senate. Their terms end with the Executive Board on April 30th.


Nevada Student Affairs

Tevin Flores
The Director of Nevada Student Affairs (NSA) works closely with the Student Body President on issues affecting students at UNLV. This can include attending Board of Regents meetings, meeting with state legislators and other local and state officials, and representing CSUN in various capacities. This directorship also gauges student opinion on the most important issues facing the student body via opinion surveys, and supervises elections including Homecoming. The Nevada Student Affairs Director also oversees the NSA Board, which works on various projects including the CSUN Legislative Index, and the Elections Board which conducts the CSUN Executive Board and Senate elections.


Student Outreach

The Director of Student Outreach is the direct link between CSUN and hundreds of UNLV student organizations. This is an invaluable resource for those who need help bringing their organizations to the next level. Whether applying for funding or looking for assistance with events, marketing, or graphic design, student organizations should begin here. The Student Involvement Board, which is always looking for engaged students, approves funding requests among other things.


Campus Life and Entertainment

Taylor Ross
The Director of Campus Life & Entertainment is responsible for helping build Rebel Pride, organize Rebel Nation and Rebel Road Trips, tailgating for athletic events, and other activities that both entertain students and bring our campus community together. Comedy shows and concerts, as well as Parties in the Pida and other unique events are just the tip of the iceberg for this directorship. The Campus Life & Entertainment Board assists the Director and their assistants in coming up with creative ideas for events, and different ways in which to bring students from all walks of life together in fun ways!



Tom Mcallister
The Director of Marketing is responsible for the marketing and advertising of all CSUN programs, services, and events to the student body and campus community, as well as supervising the CSUN Street Team and running the CSUN Marketing Table, which can be found on campus daily. This director also looks for ways to market CSUN to students in the form of fun and innovative programs like CSUN Bucks and with any number of cool giveaways. The Marketing Board assists the director and their assistants with their duties.



Kanani Espinoza
The Elections Director is responsible for maintaining all elections including those for the Senate, for the Executive Board, and for any policy implementations from CSUN.