Executive Board

43rd CSUN Executive Board (2013-2014)

The Executive Board oversees all CSUN activity. The CSUN Executive Board consists of the Student Body President, Vice-President, and Senate President, as well as two appointed non-voting positions: Vice President Pro-Tempore and Senate President Pro-Tempore. Executive Board elections take place every spring.


Student Body President

Elias BenjellounElias Benjelloun
Mobile: (702) 741-4332
The President is the chief administrator of student government and the legal head of the organization. He is responsible for the execution of all Executive actions of CSUN.

Vice President

Kanani EspinozaKanani Espinoza

The Vice-President assists the President, and serves as the supervisor of the Directors. The Vice-President also acts as liaison between the Judicial Council and the Executive Board.


Senate President

vladislav zhitnyVladislav Zhitny
The Senate President shall administer to, execute for, and preside over the Senate, shall be the spokesperson for the Legislative branch of CSUN, and shall act as liaison between the Legislative and Executive branches of the CSUN.


Senate President Pro Tempore

Travis Timm
The Senate elects, from among its members, a Senate President Pro Tempore. The Senate President Pro Tempore assists the Senate President and serves as parliamentarian of the Senate.


Support Staff

The support staff are members of the Executive Branch, who assist the Executive Board in their respective functions.

Chief of Staff



Attorney General