Executive Board

44th CSUN Executive Board (2013-2014)

The Executive Board oversees all CSUN activity. The CSUN Executive Board consists of the Student Body President, Vice-President, and Senate President, as well as two appointed non-voting positions: Vice President Pro-Tempore and Senate President Pro-Tempore. Executive Board elections take place every spring.



Elias Benjelloun

Elias Benjelloun serves as the Student Body President for UNLV Student Government. As a representative of over 23,000 students and the legal head of CSUN, Elias works directly with members of the University Administration, the NSHE Board of Regents, and the Nevada Legislature. His primary responsibilities include overseeing the nearly $1.1 million dollar student budget, the funds of which are appropriated toward scholarships, grants, campus life activities, student organizations, and multiple other projects and programs geared to invest in the campus community through our undergraduate students. His top three priorities are to improve campus engagement, strengthen academics on campus, and fight for students on tuition and funding issues.

Vice President

Kanani Espinoza

The Student Body Vice President is the supervisor to the Directors, Associate Directors, and Assistant Directors. She works closely with the Student Body President and Senate President to oversee the entirety of the Student Government. She enjoys Kate Spade, going to the gym, and seven pumps of vanilla in her coffee.

Senate President

Vladislav Zhitny


Senate President Pro Tempore

Travis Timm


Chief of Staff

Betzabe Sanchez


Executive Director

Alexandra Lopez

The Executive Director assists the Vice President and works with the Directors. She loves rose gold and light pink, with a hint of mint.

Public Relations Director

Daniel Waqar

Daniel Waqar is the Public Relations Director for UNLV CSUN. He serves as an advisor to the CSUN President regarding all public relations matters, and works as the primary liaison between the Offices of the Executive Board and media outlets. He cultivates relationships with other university student governments around Nevada and the United States to unify stances on issue advocacy initiatives. He also works with the CSUN President and Nevada Student Affairs Director to build relationships with elected officials regarding higher education issues during the Nevada Legislative Session. Daniel is a junior majoring in History (with a concentration in Middle Eastern History) and minors in Global Entrepreneurship and Public Policy with the Brookings Mountain West think tank.

Attorney General

Alex Velto


Business Manager

Savannah Baltera


Graduate Assistant

Greg Weaver